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We are not only in the business of printing, we also ensure that print is the business of others. As one of the leading printer sales firms in the Spokane area, we consult, order, install, maintain, and supply professional grade printing machines to businesses and individuals seeking in-house capabilities. Our vision for the success of Spokane's businesses and leaders includes the ability to have access to high quality prints, whether in our store or your own office.

Authorized Dealer

Empowering CompanieS & Creatives

Standard Printworks is KIP America’s Authorized Dealer for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. We offer KIP’s full range of Large Format Laser Printers and Scanners used for reproducing black and white large format documents such as blueprints, maps, schematics and simple signage.

Standard Printworks is also Canon’s Wide Format Authorized Dealer and Servicer for the full range of Color Inkjets and Scanners that Canon has to offer. Standard Digital Print also offers printer repair on most Wide Format HP Printers and Wide Format Xerox. We travel as far West as Seattle, South to Tri Cities, North to Colville and East to Missoula, MT. If you need Wide Format Printer help please call us.  Please click on either of the companies below to view the full range of equipment.

Installation & Maintenance

Standard Printworks makes the process of in-house production easy from the very beginning. Let our authorized technicians take care of the installation and regular maintenance so your focus can remain on reaping the benefits of your industry-leading printers.

Wide Format Printer Sales & Supplies

Streamline your in-house printing capabilities by sourcing the right supplies exactly when you need them through our supply sales division. We only carry Kip and Canon Wide Format consumables, however we stock all 2" and 3" paper rolls for any wide format inkjet or laser printer and always have 8.5x11 & 11x17 reams for your office printer

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