Whether you are putting your creative artwork into the hands of customers or providing crucial documents for major projects, Standard Printworks has been in the business of reprographics for over a century.


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Standard Prinworks does not let quantity stand in the way of quality. Our print specialists apply the same level of care and commitment to a job, whether they are working on one or one thousand.

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In the early 20th century, our company, then named Standard Blue Print, helped establish the booming city of Spokane as the center of the Inland Empire through advanced blueprint services. Today, Standard Printworks has expanded its reach and capabilities to continue the legacy of Spokane's ever-growing tradition of remarkable architecture, construction, education, arts, and community. Our local nature means we are personally invested in the success of those who live, work, and play in our great corner of the Pacific Northwest.

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As one of the leading printer sales firms in the Spokane area, we consult, order, install, maintain, and supply professional grade printing machines to businesses and individuals seeking in-house capabilities.

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